Hello and welcome to The Skyze! My name is Max and this is a website created specifically for YOU!


Cool huh? Not many of those now are there?

Ok, maybe there might be a couple, but let’s just pretend this is a revolutionary thing here.

The Skyze is going help you with pretty much any and all adulting/life problems and questions you may have. Whether you’re heading off to college or joining the workforce there’s a whole new world in front of you with endless possibilities and I want to help you find the most rewarding and benefiting path for you.

Wanna know 10 things you should definitely bring with you when you move out (but will most likely forget or overlook)? I got you handled.

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Don’t know what you want to do/accomplish in life? Not a problem.

Have no experience cooking and you just burnt water? Easy fix! I have a … wait. How did you? Nevermind that, we should be fine.

Everything on this site is an easy read, sprinkled in with my terrible humor and childhood references (bonus points to you if you catch onto them).

You see there’s tons of relevant information in the world but a lot of it is confusing as hell. You don’t have time for confusing. I’m here to help with that.

So with that let’s get started!

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Most of the goodies here can be found in the tab labeled Blog in the menu. This is where the majority of the general content as will as health and fitness posts will be located. Beauty and makeup posts will reside here as well.

To my male viewers don’t worry too much about that last one. It’s not written for you, unless you’re into that stuff, and it’s not written by me. I have a partner who loves hair and skin care, face masks, and as she words it, “Being a boss ass bitch” – My girlfriend 2018.

She’s got enough confidence and presence to help balance all the content out so that no one group is favored over the other.

Have a question or suggestion? Sweet! I’d love to hear your feedback. Head over to the About tab and either send me an email or hit me up on my social.

You don’t have to follow me but it would be pretty co… I mean greatly appreciated.

With that I give you The Skyze. Feel free to relax, learn something, and have some fun!


(Also if you were wondering, my logo was created with logomakr. Check them out if you want to make a logo, they’ve got tons of cool stuff for you to use and put together a masterpiece! Plus their prices are very reasonable, not like some other sites or freelancers that want $70 for one logo. .https://logomakr.com/ )