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I’m this gorgeous stud muffin right here 😉

In actuality, I am a very “unique” 19 year old college student who is currently at this really awkward phase in between birth and death.

But on a more serious note, I am a very motivated and ambitious individual that is always working on self development.

I have a beautiful girlfriend who I would be completely lost without and this blog and school are the two things that will take up 90% of my time for the next couple of years.



I’m an artist, a fitness enthusiast, and I love cars (specifically American muscle)0.

I could talk cars for hours. It’s seriously a problem. Everyone in my family knows not to bring up anything remotely close to them or I’ll be off ranting everyone’s ears off.

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If you ever need someone to talk cars with send me DM.

But if you’re a European or JDM fanboy then stay the hell away from me!

Just kidding.



This blog.

At the time of writing this I have absolutely no audience or online presence.

However, I am extremely glad that I was able to convince myself to take the risk and build this website. Life is about growth and moving outside of your comfort zone and I have always been a reserved and quiet introvert.

Yes, this website doesn’t involve directly interacting with people face to face but it does help me build a mindset of connecting with and giving value to others the best I possibly can.



Before I achieve any of my goals I want to help as many people as possible achieve theirs. Originally, I was on the path of studying my ass off, getting into med school, and then working over 60 hours a week until I am old enough to retire.

Now there is nothing wrong with this (or any) job at all. It is a very well respected profession.

But it’s not what I want to spend my life doing.

And as I made that conclusion about myself I began to see that a lot of people are not doing or will never be able to accomplish their goals and ambitions.

I want to change that.

I don’t want to force anyone to do anything, but I do hope to motivate those who need a little moral support to help them pursue their dreams.

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Besides that I wish to give everything I have (knowledge and experience wise) so that it may be useful to you.

Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to read my post. I appreciate your time and hope something I shared was of value to you.

If you ever want to reach out to me feel free to. I don’t bite and am more than happy to hear what you have to say.